Maintenance /General Wellness Massage:

  In order for our body to run at optimum performance, we need to take good care of it. This includes (but is not limited to) getting regular massage.

  All of this "stuff" that accumulates in our muscles is natural and just a byproduct of muscle exertion. So if you’re moving around at all (maybe more so if you're sedentary), then you've got knots. This lactic acid and other metabolic waste latch on to your muscles and rob them of the oxygen and blood flow they need to survive. This is why they hurt. Massage literally goes in and "pushes" this stuff out of your muscles help to keep them nourished with oxygen and fresh blood.


  General Wellness massages are usually result driven and applied with an appropriate amount of pressure for it to be firm for the given recipient (since firm/deep are relative to the individual). We are looking for a productive massage at a comfortable level of pressure, that the recipient is going to feel, and feel better for receiving it.


  This is not a luxury. We need this. Take time to take care of yourself at least once a month.


Therapeutic Deep tissue with myofascial release:

  My "specialty" massage tailored every time to the individuals needs. At the beginning of the treatment, a quick postural assessment will show the body in relation to itself and its postural imbalances. This can give an idea of where pain is coming from and a blueprint to go about correcting it. I have helped people achieve freedom from pain from many ailments. Some of those include: carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatica (impingement of the sciatic nerve), tendonitis, post surgery or injury scar tissue build up, and migraines. This is a therapeutic massage and may include techniques ranging from myofascial release, trigger point therapy, positional release, some Thai streches accompanied with compression, cupping, and deep tissue massage.

Prenatal massage:

  For the Mother-to-be, this is a massage that is intended for nurturing yourself and appreciating this most incredible period of your life. Usually done in a side-lying position, much like when asleep, and using gentle techniques, such as effleurage and gentle petrissage, prenatal massage can produce a sense of well being and security that is good for both you and your baby. Take some time to honor yourself while you still can.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD):

 This technique is actually not considered massage. It is manual lymphatic drainage which is exactly what the name implies. Sometimes the body's immune system can be sluggish and need an extra push to get going. MLD uses very light pressure (about 5 ounces) to contact the lymph system which lies directly underneath the skin, and help encourage the flow of lymph towards the closest set of lymph nodes. This is where the lymphatic fluid is cleaned and released again for circulation. This technique is wonderful for people suffering from lyphodema, some auto immune disorders or those who wish to "jump start" the immune response and cleanse toxins from the body.