Chair Massage

  There is a way to show people how much you appreciate them. Massage.


  Whether you run a company and want to show your people that you care, or if there is an event, and the occasion calls for an on site massage therapist, this is for you. The sky is the limit.


  These are some ideas where adding an on-site massage chair could be nice:


• Any office that wants to improve moral
and productivity among the workforce

• Holiday parties

• Bridal parties

• Baby showers

• Music events

• Conventions/festivals

• Business openings it, if you can conceive of it.


Rates generally run same per hour as in office visits. Depending on how far away the event is from Asheville, there may be a small fee for travel expenses.


Generally there is a two hour minimum for chair massage.


If you have any ideas or questions about how I could serve your event, please feel free to call.